Thursday, November 20, 2014

Learn How To Get Paid To Listen To Music Today!

Did you know that you can literally get paid to listen to music?

Yes, this is totally real, trust me, I know.

There are websites that will pay you, right now, to listen to just 30 seconds of music and vote on whether you think it can be a hit.

Or, maybe write a short review of what you like or don’t like about the song.

The music industry, along with many different websites that feature new music, need your feedback.

Not from “music experts,” but from regular people like you and me.

Because it’s the regular people who actually buy music and determine whether a song becomes a hit.

Or whether a new musical artist is going to become a breakout star.

Your feedback is more important now than ever before, because as you may have heard, the music industry has been losing a ton of revenue due to people downloading music for free...

So they need to be extra careful nowadays before they spend money to sign a new act to a record deal...

Or decide to spend a fortune to market and promote a new album from an established star.

They want to get feedback from the public to figure out in advance whether a song, or a new artist, has the potential to be successful.  

So they want to know what regular people like you and me think.

The radio stations want this feedback, too. They want to know what the next hits are going to be, so they can be the first to play them.

Basically, you’ll be a member of exclusive “internet test groups” that listen to new music and give feedback BEFORE it gets heard by the general public.

And you’ll get paid good money for your feedback! In addition to gift cards and vouchers for sites like, you’ll earn points that get you entries into raffles (which give away all sorts of valuable prizes).

You’ll be among the first people in the world to hear the next big songs and artists. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into rock music, jazz, Christian music, classical, hip hop, or any other musical genre...

You can get paid to listen to whatever type of music you enjoy.

And that’s just one way to make money by listening to music. You can also get paid to write and submit short reviews of your favorite songs and albums.

Music websites are hungry for this type of content, because the more content they offer, the more popular their sites will become.

You don’t need to be a “music critic” to write one of these quick reviews. All you need to do is provide some honest feedback, and you’ll earn cash, gift certificates, and other prizes.

So if you enjoy listening to music, this is a perfect way to make some extra income in your spare time...or a LOT of income.

Click below to learn how to get paid to listen to music today!


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